Mosaic of Ukrainian civil society.

Since the beginning of war in 2014 many social organizations in Ukraine suffer from a lack of money. Social workers are substituted by volunteers and non-goverment or religious organizations. Help can be found in curious places: Veterans are trying to adapt for normal life in pizzeria founded by former soldier. Drug addicts are getting rid of their addiction in Christian center (a lot of them first believe in god there). Volunteer soldiers help their country in strongly nationalistic movement Right Sector (their goal is to destroy Russian). “Sometimes I feel like from Scream painting by Munch. It is my mental state in Ukraine, unfotrunatelly. But someone has to do it,” says founder of dog shelter. She takes a care there also about 300 dogs saved from the war zone. The film is a series of meetings with awakening Ukrainian society. It is portrait of present Ukraine – where people must take help of themselves and others in their own hands.

DOP: Radim Vaňous
sound: Pavel Vrtěl
interview and executive production: Martin Ocknecht
editor: Tereza Vágnerová
director, script: Jakub Zvoníček
producer: Jan Macola / Mimesis film
coproduction: FAMU
support: Czech center in Kyiv