2015 – 2016: Charles University, Philosophy faculty: philosophy
2012 – 2015: BcA. degree, Thomas Bata University in Zlín, FMK, Audiovisual arts: department of directing and scriptwriting
September 2014 – February 2015: Erasmus internship program) National University of Theatre and Film „I.L. Caragiale“: department of film directing
2008 – 2012: Michael school – Secondary school and College of Advertising and Art: department of film and photography

2018: Bardolino (music video)
2017 → now: Každý má tu modlitbu jinou (documentary movie, just shooting)
2017 → now: Memory of nation (collector and editor of witness stories)
2017: Sunárek (internet commercials)
2017: TOMA NATURA (commercial, assistant director)
2017: ŠKODA (TV commercial, assistant director)
2016: scout’s clubhouse Kamenice (crowdfunding video)
2016: MANA (commercial, assistant director)
2015: S brokovnicí pod kabátem (35 min., bachelor film)
2015: Lída Baarová (runner in director department)
2014: Zrůdy (documentary, 24 min.)
2014: Chceš si myslet (feature, 23 min.)
2014: Skrzprsty festival (portraits of speakers)